Here is how we see Alameda County in 2026.


On November 24, 2020, the Board of Supervisors added Remote Work Arrangements and Virtual First to Vision 2026.​

Plotting our course….

ACGOV Vision 2026 is Alameda County’s comprehensive effort to set a course for the next decade that anticipates community challenges and maximizes our ability to meet residents’ needs in a rapidly changing world.  Our vision of the future and the goals and guiding principles you see here grew from extensive collaboration involving Alameda County leaders and other local officials who are “facing forward” to promote communities that are vibrant, prosperous, safe, healthy and inclusive.

Looking forward…again

ACGOV Vision 2026 renews the County-led initiative Vision 2016 launched in 2006 to anticipate emerging challenges – and dramatic technological and demographic shifts – so that local government could lead the way maintaining and enhancing the high quality of life in our communities.  Our story began with Vision 2016 which launched our innovation journey and lead us to revise our mission, vision, and values that guided our programs and initiatives. The result is a County government positioned better than ever before to meet current challenges and advance our communities toward a brighter future.

Our vision for 2026...Safe & Livable Communities. Prosperous & Vibrant Economy. Healthy Environment. Thriving & Resilient population.
Our goals will be realized when we achieve our 10x goals. Eliminate homelessness. Healthcare for all. Employment for all. Eliminate poverty & humger. Crime free county. Accessible infrastructure.
Photo of District 5 Supervisor Keith Carson.

Bold New Steps

“Through Vision 2026, Alameda County commits itself to a series of bold new steps to foster vibrant communities where all residents have access to housing, healthcare, jobs and opportunities to achieve happiness and fulfillment.”

Keith Carson, Alameda County Supervisor